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LJ Syndication Personals

A community for plugging your LJ syndicated website!

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This is yet another community for plugging your personal website. The catch, besides following the community regulations, is that you must have obtained a LJ syndication account for your site, so that people may add its RSS feed to their friends list.

Please do not use this community to:
1) ask for someone to create a syndication account for your site or any other site. Use syn_quest for this purpose instead.
2) post an advertisement for a site that is not your own. Use syn_promo if you wish to share your favorite daily news source, celebrity weblog or webcomic, for example. Personal weblogs, news feeds for a personal project you are involved in, and an update log for your hobby-related website are good examples of syndicated sites you can plug here.
3) advertise a feed for a commercial site. Again, syn_promo is more appropriate in this case.

When creating a new post for your LJ syndicated site, I ask that you follow the convention below. New posts that do not resemble this form will be deleted without questions asked. You have been warned!

Syndication Account: (username of the account through which your website is syndicated)
Owner: (your real name, online nick, any name you are comfortable with revealing)
Website Name: (name of your syndicated website)
Website URL: (URL of your syndicated website)
Description: (description of your site... what it is for, how often you post in it, a typical example of content, why you think people should read it, etc.)

Once you've filled out the above information in your post, feel free to write a little bit about yourself or offer a friendly message to the community. If you find yourself rambling too much, just lj-cut everything you post after the required information.

Much like other communities that allow its members to advertise, I would ask that you only plug for your syndicated site on this community once a month or so. I won't be too anal about it, i.e. "OMG YOU POSTED ONE DAY BEFORE A MONTH HAS PASSED! I'M DELETING YOUR POST!" but I do expect you to use some common sense. If there's a lot of posts every day, I doubt anyone will notice if you slip up and advertise again in three weeks instead of a month. But if you're posting about your site every day, or even every week, people are going to notice and may even find it obnoxious. Give other people a chance at the spotlight and wait a while before posting again!

I would also ask that you refrain from advertising in comments. However, I have not disabled comments altogether, because I would like this community to be an opportunity for people to meet new friends, as well. Just keep the advertising to new posts and everything will be all right.

Whew! And that's about it for the rules, I think! :D

These sort of regulations are a requirement for any LJ community, but I still consider myself a laid back sort of person at heart. All I want is to be able to provide a community for people (such as myself) who have created a personal site without using LiveJournal, Greatest Journal and other such online services. I know how difficult it is to build a readership for a journal that's on your own personal webspace. This way, you can not only attract other readers to your site, but potentially meet other webmasters or mistresses with similar tastes to you! Mutual links do a lot of wonders to increase visitors to your little corner of the web, believe me.

So have fun -- and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me with your concerns. ^_^

Your moderator,
Dark Siren Sally